The Modular NZ Home

The Modular NZ Home is a modern interpretation of the Quintessential Kiwi Bach. It is built using a new generation of traditional Kiwi cladding materials, such as profiled steel and cedar weatherboards. These are materials that New Zealanders know and trust.

Designed for Modern Kiwi Family Living

The Modular NZ Home design allows you to have flowing open plan areas, which is perfect for 21st century Kiwi family living. Large stacker windows throughout the home create multiple opportunities for indoor outdoor flow, which is a 'must have' for any New Zealand home.

A Modular Home that is customised to you

The only way to get a home that you will be truly happy with, and has all the spaces you need, is to build a new home. The big bonus with a new home, is that it will also meet all the current building and insulation standards.

Low Maintenance, High Quality materials

The Modular Home utilises quality low maintenance cladding materials including cedar weatherboards, profiled Colorsteel on a drained cavity, and thermally broken double glazed windows. We try to use only the best suppliers and materials for our projects.
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Economical Roof Design

The unique roof design of the Modular home, results in it having only three roof planes, three gutters and just three downpipes. This not only saves on construction costs, but because the gutters are located at the one end of the building, it makes it easy to install your own rainwater harvesting tank. It also means you can collect water from the entire roof, not just a small section of it.

The Modular Home is Configurable

The floor plan inside the Modular Home is totally configurable. It essentially consists of two simple box forms, linked by a bridge structure. The forms each have a mono pitched roof, producing a clean modern look. Openings punched into the side of the forms, create sheltered transition spaces between inside and out.

Sustainable and eco friendly

Different levels of sustainable and eco-friendly design can be integrated into the Modular Home. Eco friendly features include Low VOC paint, Eco floor coverings, Low E Glass etc. It all depends on what level you require. The home can also be designed to be passively heated by the sun during the day, using the sun coming in through the large windows to heat up the floor slab, which stores that heat in its thermal mass. This energy is released into the rooms at night, to supplement the heating of the internal spaces.

Is the Modular Home right for you?

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